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The Measure of All Things
27/11/14, 12:36

What are the standards by which we measure ourselves? Based on short-term successes, or on those things with lasting value? Based on how others see us, or on our own personal standards? I won’t presume to pass judgment on “the measure of all things.” What I can speak to, however, are the measures to which I hold myself.

I measure myself according to long-term sustainability. My aim is to set into motion something with endurance, something that will continue having an effect maybe even far beyond my own personal and entrepreneurial scope. The term “sustainability” has perhaps worn thin, now that so many businesses seek to adorn themselves with this label. Even so, my belief in this value remains steadfast. I believe we need sustainability in all aspects of life, not only in the way we use resources, but also in the ways we build relationships with employees, business partners and clients.

I have no interest in rapid success. What I strive to create are structures that will endure. Sustainable success can only be achieved through long-term strategies in all areas of a company. What counts most of all, in addition to investments and partnerships, are social networks, employee support and teamwork, all of which can only thrive if a business operates with sincerity and an appreciation for value. Young talents from the most diverse branches are warmly welcome on our team, and we go to great lengths to support their creativity and professional development.

Since PREMIUM’s founding in 2003, the theme of sustainability has consistently been woven through our personal and professional decisions. On every level, we strive for quality, not quantity; attaining the best possible results, instead of merely achieving the highest commercial figures.

This was made clear with PREMIUM’s acquisition of the STATION-Berlin building complex in Kreuzberg. The unique charms of the former postal train station needed work and investment before they could really shine. Twice a year, the PREMIUM International Fashion Trade Show is held here, where we present high-caliber fashion to an audience of trade professionals. For the rest of the year, the premises are kept busy hosting a wide variety of exclusive events.

Our successful business concept incorporates both long-term relationships of many years as well as organic growth. For me, PREMIUM enabled me to translate my personal passion for fashion into a successful business model. Being able to share this success with business partners and those who were with me on that path – that, to me, means sustainability, maybe even happiness, too. Sustainability is the measure I hold myself to. Success would agree with me.

The Measure of All Things

Anita Tillmann #PREMIUM

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