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NJAL investigates how technology can advance sustainability in fashion

NJAL investigates how technology can advance sustainability in fashion...

The Measure of All Things

H&M releases its 12th Sustainability Report #H&M #luxury

H&M´s product lifecycle

H&M publishes its Conscious Actions Sustainability Report 2014. The progress made shows that H&M is at the forefront of sustainability. Some of the highlights are the expansion of the public supplier factory list, the ambition to only use renewable electricity and the increase of the amount of products made of recycled cotton from collected garments with 300 percent. In addition, H&M sees po...

H&M publishes its Conscious Actions Sustainability Report 2014. The progress made shows that H&M is at the forefront of sustainability.
Angel News anuncia » Luxo ou Lixo?! - 2015-04-09 21:47:01

This is why sustainability is key to us at more broadly. Our business sits in a complex globalised world Kering and why we are ...that to real y fact, sustainability is our business imperative, and we are en make our own business more sustainable we also need to couraging and ...

’s 2012 Sustainability Report shows the company is making headway across its corporate social responsibility (CSR) focus areas.... Issued last week, the 2012 Sustainability Report outlines achievements in the fiscal years 2011 and 2012 and future steps in the company’s CSR Focus Areas ...
Angel News » - 2013-05-07 05:20:00

This April, Shangri La Hotels and Resorts will mark the global rollout of its culinary sustainability initiative, Rooted in Nature, by hosting a month long celebration of the group’s most exceptional food purveyors.
Angel News » - 2015-03-30 18:36:57

...step in an already ambitious sustainability program at H&M. H&M also requires that all the supplier factories conduct electrical assessments in their factories, and ...
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...myself according to long term sustainability. My aim is to set into motion something with endurance, something that will continue having an effect maybe even far ... The term “sustainability” has perhaps worn thin, now that so many businesses seek to adorn themselves with this label.

H&M publishes its twelfth Conscious Actions Sustainability Report. Some of the highlights during 2013 are the launch of H&M´s roadmap for fair living wages, the ...business, and investing in our sustainability means investing in our future. This gives us the opportunity to contribute to the development of communities around the world, ...

...International Herald Tribune 10.45 Sustainability in the luxury industry Panel Discussion with: Oskar Metsavaht, Osklen Fernando Rodés Vilà, Vice Chairman, Havas; Co Author, Brand Valued ...the ever changing landscape of sustainability, and examine the new commercial, social and ethical drivers for the next generation of luxury retail.
Angel News » - 2011-11-02 06:57:24

...investigates how technology can advance sustainability in fashion while also closing the gender gap in the engineering sector. Maybe we should blame it on Barbarella–the ...in the discourse of new sustainability centred wearable tech. Meg Grant, one of the pioneers behind Solar Fibre, a flexible fibre capable of converting sunlight into ...

...about issues such as pricing, sustainability, and shipping, where expert panelists from the Antica Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, Conceria Gaiera Giovanni, and Giovanni Bonotto's The 'Slow ...to handcraftsmanship and quality production, sustainability, and their boldness to work against the grain and be ‘black sheep’ in the fashion industry.

Holdings emphasized their global sustainability vision to support the holistic needs of the communities to make them a better place for all....Creating a Better Tomorrow Today sustainability vision, MGM Macau seeks to support the holistic needs of the local community, especially by helping vulnerable groups and through ...
Angel News » - 2015-03-13 22:55:00

...business includes going deep into sustainability across our supply chains, right to our sources,” said Marie Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of international institutional ...

PR Newswire is the premier global provider of multimedia platforms that enable marketers, corporate communicators, sustainability officers, public affairs and investor relations officers to leverage content to engage with all their key audiences.
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A Redecard empresa responsável pela captura, transmissão, processamento e liquidação financeira de transações com cartões de crédito, débito e benefícios , foi, pela segunda vez consecutiva, selecionada a compor a carteira do Índice Dow Jones de Sustentabilidade 2010 2011 (Dow Jones Sustainability Index Word). Composta por seleto grupo de apenas 318 empresas de 27 países, sendo apenas 7 brasileiras, a carteira do ...
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...design, comfort and high performing sustainability, a stay at URBN is now an even more inspiring and restful experience. The visionary 26 room hotel originally opened ...
Angel News » - 2015-01-05 15:41:37

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