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The Measure of All Things

What are the standards by which we measure ourselves? Based on short term successes, or on those things with lasting value? Based on how others see us, or ...to pass judgment on “the measure of all things.” What I can speak to, however, are the measures to which I hold myself.

...lines are available: Made To Measure, fabrics and accessories. Based on the new store concept that was recently launched for the new flagship store in Brussels, ...can order your made to measure suit since 1963. Located near the famous Kurfürstendamm, it has an easy access and parking just in front. Mr.
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...and then distribute content and measure results across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. Combining the world's largest multi channel, multi cultural content distribution and ...
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...the details of the fleece measure a mere fraction of a millimetre, the artisan provides a tangible expression of the artistic vision behind this creation.
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...mainly Scabal, from Made to Measure to Ready to Wear including accessories. At regular interval they organize events such as the James Bond event we talked ...
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...couture concept of 'made to measure,' the exhibition will be organized around the materials, techniques, and embellishments associated with the anti establishment style.
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...great idea and how to measure its effectiveness. And all the while, they’ll be working on a real live client brief to bring new life ...
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...dial gauge was used to measure filigreed components that required particular precision, such as arbors and pivots. The component to be measured is clamped between the ...
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...fashion and cinema in equal measure. Again this year, l’Ina partners with ASVOFF proposing a program focused on special guests, images and exciting sounds from ...
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...presents personalised and made to measure sandals at Printemps Haussmann to celebrate the arrival of summer. Caron Printemps Belle Parfumerie. Summer perfumes are an invitation to ...
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...and print something made to measure just for you." It is hard to understand whether 3D printing would be a friend or a foe to the ...

1926 Creation of MADE to MEASURE Menswear and LANVIN LINGERIE The Lanvin Tailor Shirtmaker range was created in 1926 by Jeanne Lanvin.

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