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Marcel Dzama's Eerie & Alluring Art #Artspace

If there were such a thing as an indie draftsman, then Marcel Dzama would be it. Known for working in a wide range of media, Dzama creates collages, dioramas, and large-scale polyptychs that depict fanciful, anachronistic worlds full of humans, animals, and hybrid creatures. His work, which looks like something you might stumble upon in an antique shop, has not only been published in McSweeney's, the bible of Dave Egger's generation of writers, but it has also appeared on the album covers of The Else by They Might Be Giants and Guero by Beck, as well as in the music videos for songs by Bob Dylan and the Department of Eagles.

Dzama collaborates often with other artists, and his work is collected by many of the gods of Hollywood and modern independent cinema.

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