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Let the Darkness Muffle the Noise

Michael Schnabel began Stille Berge ("Silent Mountains") while surrounded by artists like Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth creating work saturated in grays. Searching for a new visual image within this German photography oeuvre, Michael Schnabel found painterly, heavier, darker tones more intriguing. This pursuit of photography without light, coupled with the desire to depict a quiet solitude in the mountains, instigated, as the artist describes, “a creative process that developed over years. One day – or night rather – it clicked. Under the dark skies I found the tranquility that the Alps of today lack during the day. The night and its silence give the mountain a sublimity, feeling of raw creation and aloofness that I strive to capture in my work.” The Stille Berge object, exhibited without glass, reveals dramatic richness and texture to become a dual artistic asymptote, both approaching but not becoming an image without light and a painting while remaining a photograph.

by VIP Art
Em tamanho original 828x600 / 49.2Kb
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