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Oscar Tiye is the desire to create the perfect
Oscar Tiye collection of shoes and bags, this luxury brand  was launched in the Spring of 2013  by  the designer Amina Muaddi and her business partner Irina Curutz.  The collection is produced entirely in the prestigious Riviera Del Brenta area of Italy to ensure the dedication to craftsmanship and quality and hand made precision. Following a successful styling career - Amina's decision to build the brand sprang from a desire to create the perfect shoe marrying elegant style and strength creating that perfect balance.  Hence, the name that includes one masculine name and one feminine named after Queen Tiye who was famously mentioned in the Scriptures in ancient Egypt.  The signature stylized logo represents a scarab, a symbol of luck and happy events, and can be found on the sole of every shoe in the form of a metal charm in a variety of colors.  The magenta colored insole in another recognizable feature found in every shoe.  Each insole also has a special comfort padding that gives extra comfort to the wearer. Jordanian born - Muaddi -  is inspired by everything that surrounds her but especially the Middle Eastern culture. Her heritage represents an infinite source of inspiration that she uses in subtle ways.  Delicate architectures of the mosques, Byzantine ceramics and even carpet patterns are transformed into characteristics of this sleek  sophisticated collection that includes flats, high heeled sandals and boots for Fall 2013.

So far, the collection has been extremely well received and A- list Hollywood celebrities have already shown up at some of the most important events wearing Oscar Tiye creations.  Even more exciting - Oscar Tiye was chosen to be part of the Vogue Talents event in Milan that is organized by Franca Sozzani and Sara Maino with Anna Wintour. The collection will also be showcased at  Palazzo Morandi during Milan Fashion Week and in  Paris at Premiere Class.  We hope that you will come by to see the collection in person during these presentations. 

Oscar Tiye collection of shoes and bags. This luxury brand was launched in the Spring of 2013 by the designer Amina Muaddi and her business partner Irina Curutz.

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