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Turning AllSaints into a Global Digital Brand
19/05/14, 20:00

As AllSaints' Chief Executive Officer, William Kim seeks to position the London-based clothing company as a digital brand that just happens to have some stores. With this goal in mind, Kim is organizing, structuring, and strategizing the company's future to not only be current, but ahead of the game. "We aren't just throwing any technology up against the store wall to see if it sticks," Kim has said. "We want future technologies to be foolproof for 2015 and after."

One outlet that is undergoing this transformation is retail. AllSaints' third Southern California store boasts screens with streaming digital content, mobile tablets to control the retail environment, and touch screen point-of-sale technology. Kim is keen to point out that these are not gimmicks, but sustainable, scalable implementations.

Stores will also have state of the art acoustics for live music performances, an area that AllSaints is particularly interested in—they also produce New Music Cities films, a series that spotlights a city's emerging musicians.


For more information and a full list of speakers visit: wwd.com/diglondon

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