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As AllSaints' Chief Executive Officer, William Kim seeks to position the London-based clothing company as a digital brand that just happens to have some stores. With this goal in mind, Kim is organizing, structuring, and strategizing the company's future to not only be current, but ahead of the game. "We aren't just throwing any technology up against the store wa...

Recently named Coalition President, VF Outdoor Americas, Patrik Frisk is Timberland's former President, a position he held for over two years. Now overseeing SmartWool, The North Face, JanSport and Lucy brands, Frisk is still focused on Timberland beco...

Aaron Carpenter, o homem encarregado de marketing global para uma das marcas que mais cresce na categoria de vestuá...

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"Since we’re close to actually affecting all parts of the business in terms of the retail, the wholesale, even digital, I think it gives us an interesting perspective because we see the full picture. We inherently understand the value per piece.” -- Carol Lim

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The innovators behind Opening Ceremony and the creative directors of iconic brand ...
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