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The Pursuit of Freedom @Belstaff

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“Adventure is worthwhile in itself” - Amelia EarhartPresented at London Fashion Week, the AW15 womenswear collection explores the concept of a woman taking off into a natural realm with no frontiers or limitations; all that she needs is the clothing on her back.Taking inspiration from the first pioneering women to dress in Belstaff, aviatrixes Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson, the collection is a dynamic interpretation of the inherent danger and excitement of the natural world, allowing her to live fast and free in an ever-changing environment.This collection, Delphine Ninous’ first for Belstaff as Vice President of Women’s Design, was presented in a beautiful, slightly crumbling mansion, among a setting of vintage parachute silks, evoking the heritage of the brand as supplier to pioneering pilots and the British army.

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