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The WWD Beauty CEO Summit will be driven by the industry's yin and yang: the leadership of the major players linked with the innovation and vitality of the indie startup brands. An added celebrity push will be provided by the star power of Jennifer Aniston, an award-winning actress and producer who will be speaking as a Co-Owner of Living Proof. She will appear onstage with Chief Executive Officer Jill Beraud.


Lions Innovation to explore data, tech, ideas…and space
Lions Innovation to explore data, tech, ideas…and space First speakers named and new festival format revealed

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About Heineken®

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Jaguar Land Rover Celebrates 60 Years of Automotive Innovation at the Coronation Festival.
Jaguar Land Rover Celebrates 60 Years of Automotive Innovation at the Coronation Festival....
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Participants Announced for Rhizome's Seven on Seven Conference on April 20.

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Following a global call for content, Cannes Lions has today issued an opening volley of speaker names for Lions Innovation the new 2 day “festival within The Festival” that fuses data, technology and ideas. The speakers will be part of ...probes outer limits “The Lions Innovation programme is a representation of our belief that great ideas can come from anywhere, and to bring it together we ...
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A Open Innovation Week (OIW) é uma semana dedicada ao debate e à conexão entre redes e comunidades que praticam inovação como forma ...uma vez, com o Open Innovation Seminar , debate que tem servido de referência aos participantes de diferentes comunidades nacionais e internacionais, que abre a Semana no ...
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This year’s Lions Innovation Festival programme will include a unique Start up Academy, developed in partnership with pioneering global digital agency, R/GA....and, says Head of Lions Innovation, Rob Dembitz, market their products or services more effectively. “Start ups are integral to the industry.
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Jaguar Land Rover celebrated automotive innovation with a display of royal heritage cars, current models and future concepts at the ...
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B uilding on the technical challenges introduced throughout the series – from Histoire de Tourbillon 1, which explores ...
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London Fashion Week (LFW) é o evento mais criativo e inovador no calendário mundial da moda.
Angel News » - 2011-02-22 05:24:27

...changes this year include: • The Innovation Lions have been expanded into 2 sub categories – Innovation Technology and Creative Innovation – to celebrate brand aligned ideas and standalone ...
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Date: May 21 22 Location: New York City Insight & Innovation Unlike any other industry, beauty blends creativity, artistry, science and technology—creating a constant drive for innovation in a highly competitive marketplace.
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...operating at the forefront of innovation, as well as fostering a locally relevant shopping experience in every store. We will continue to test, to learn, and ...in Store (BOPS) Rollout Completed: Innovation in Stores Selling Technology: Enhanced Shopping Apps: Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s both have launched all new mobile shopping apps ...
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Innovation Masters are the creators of new patents, technologies, materials and production methods, exploring new frontiers of research and development in ...
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Innovation, accessibility and creativity have attracted around the world. Pop Up Store Exclusive Charles & Keith From 26 May to 14 June ...
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...become crucial to creativity and innovation, highly regarded qualities in the 21st century," adds Chiu. "As they negotiate the shifting environment of a new world, how ...
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...The Research and Development professionals Innovation Masters and creators of new products and solutions, exploring new frontiers of research and development in the fashion sector.
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...Innovations of Ferdinand Adolph Lange Innovation 1: The introduction of the metric system. This picture shows Lange's journey and workbook, in which he recorded detailed ... Innovation 2: Three quarter plate. Lange developed the three quarter plate over a period of many years.
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...s Wallis Annenberg Fund for Innovation in Contemporary Art through the Annenberg Foundation. by # The Museum of Modern Art
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