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Trains, with a working demonstration of the first ever French locomotive in the central aisle of the Parc des Expositions. Cars, with the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911, the 30th anniversary of the Peugeot 205, the Benz cars that took part in the "Prince Heinrich" race, and a tribute to the Citroën DS. Between land and sea, with the great adventure of propeller-driven automobiles: 5 HELICA vehicles on show. In the air, with the 100th anniversary of Roland Ga...

Trains, with a working demonstration of the first ever French locomotive in ...
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...all of whom are very enthusiastic and optimistic about the new changes. “The timing of this change is perfect. Denim is experiencing a renewed momentum, and ... Barcelona’s enthusiastic welcome of Denim by Première Vision is fully in step with the city’s longstanding embrace of creativity, whether in ...
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The last edition, which received enthusiastic coverage in the French and foreign press and where there was an exceptionally lively atmosphere for doing business, confirmed Rétromobile ...
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...aristocratic privilege, and was an enthusiastic and accomplished motorist – a pioneer in a time when many people thought that motoring was just a fad that would ...
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...Business Wire) “Following our customers’ enthusiastic response to last year’s Macy’s Day at the Ballpark event, we expanded this year’s program to include ...
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...insights to a packed and enthusiastic audience. To attend and save please register by Friday May 2 for a special discounted rate.
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...was equally inexperienced but equally enthusiastic. A few months later they appeared on stage at a local youth club party. There Bettina caught the eye of ...
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He was greatly enthusiastic about wearing exquisite scarves, white hats and brightly coloured shirts with Hawaiian flower patterns. Pavarotti’s incomparable style quickly became ...
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...Silver Ghost and 46 other enthusiastic competitors in the 100th Anniversary rerunning of the original Alpine Trials Rally. Through 17 days and more than 1,800 ...
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...and Superyacht Australia, was also enthusiastic: " This is a great concept and well timed, with the arrival of more and more superyachts in our region.
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