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Falconry, philanthropy, craftsmanship, culture and creative use of unusual materials dazzle at Design Days Dubai 2015


T his exhibition traces an unusual career : that of Maurice Renoma . Fashion figure , he was one of the first to innovate in this area....concepts and materials to design unusual and truly original creations. As the photograph which naturally emerged from an already sharpened creative vision in the field of ...
Angel News » - 2014-05-28 21:23:02

...rediscover cult films in this unusual setting . Programming here : Top Gun , The Party, Flahsdance , Lost in translation, Manhattan, The Tanenbaum Family, Taxi Driver, The Big Lebowski , ...
Angel News anuncia » Extra, extra - 2014-05-21 20:08:56

...of all, of a most unusual man. American born, Lorenz grew up moving from country to country as his family followed the international postings of his ...
Angel News » - 2013-01-31 16:59:18

...Africa… He also offers highly unusual tours in Europe: Prague to Venice (la Bohême and the Grand Canal), Portugal (the vineyards of the Douro), Iceland (the ...
Angel News » - 2015-01-13 22:24:17

...feel, which is accentuated by unusual colourways like Cloudy Brown, Cloudy Purple and Terrazzo Blue. DAWN is available at the Damir Doma flagship store in Paris ...
Angel News anuncia » Extra, extra - 2014-09-19 21:21:23

...among the most luxurious and unusual works created by textile artists in Peru prior to the Spanish conquest in 1532. Drawn from the Metropolitan Museum’s ...
Angel News anuncia » Extra, extra - 2013-09-04 00:17:51

...part to the building’s unusual rounded floor plan. Covering an area of 180 square meters the store features sections dedicated to men’s and women’...
Angel News » - 2014-03-24 21:08:25

...elegance, at times highlighted by unusual combinations: such as the PVC and studs of a trench coat with the silk georgette of a bcbg blouse; or ...
Angel News » - 2013-03-12 17:53:35

The accessory designer uses unusual materials such as china, creating body jewelry mixing spheres, flowers, dishes and metals, which result in a strong impact.
Angel News » - 2013-07-02 06:02:30

...look anything but inconspicuous – their unusual, angular shapes look like they’re made to actually attract your attention. The HM4 Final Edition is no exception: it ...
Angel News » - 2013-04-06 07:46:40

...Pop Up stores dedicated to unusual accessories. A location that will be further enlivened by the new Alternative Set program. And there will be new areas, ...
Angel News » - 2014-04-21 21:16:17

...that encouraged her to take unusual decisions on her journey through life. Bettina loved living in the present too much to worry about her future.
Angel News » - 2014-11-03 22:03:03

PREMIUM welcomes applicants with unusual ideas, not just classical window dresser entries. Set designers, creative directors, artists, students, graphic designers, stylists and any other established ...
Angel News » - 2013-08-27 20:05:39

...the 60's, clothes and unusual accessories for the vintage collection, which are all indicative of the legendary history of Renoma style.
Angel News » - 2013-05-22 19:06:12

...Galeries Lafayette Bordeaux also offer unusual tours that reveal the history of the great Bordeaux store since its origins and its roots in the neighborhood and ...
Angel News » - 2014-09-12 19:13:10

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