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Um ano após o falecimento de Anna ...

” The more nuanced lifestyle, contextualized, opinion driven blog “takes a bit more time to establish itself, finesse its point and earn the following,” Medine said.... My opinion is that we do not have more time to play with fashion and this sums up my feeling and idea ...

And not simply in the opinion of millions of Prancing Horse enthusiasts all over the world or, indeed, the clients that continue to buy the cars ...
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A indústria farmacêutica tem colocado cada vez mais ênfase em realizar ações com o foco em médicos e especialistas capazes de influenciar outros profissionais, os chamados Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) – Formadores de Opiniões. Apesar de ter se mostrado muito acertada, esta estratégia deve ser observada com cautela.
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...Aurélien Guichard, which in our opinion also have the makings of true classics. Bois Noir, Casabah Mademoiselle Piguet Notes und Oud are the unpretentious names, which ...
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In his opinion, “Freediving is the ultimate way to free yourself and develop a peaceful understanding of the ocean.
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...top buyers, fashion journalists and opinion makers will evaluate the 7 finalists’ collections and announce the winners. This edition’s finalists are: L. Chiussi & F.
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The opinion of Detlev Diehm (Creative Director at Scabal) is clear: “We cherish the moment we put on a freshly ironed linen ...
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"Renoma: in my opinion one of the best boutiques in the world. A great place, very friendly people ... " Eric Clapton, Rock and Folk, April ...
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...FIFG (French Institute of Public Opinion), Kathy Thornton Bias, the MoMA, Debbie Meyer, & Beyond, Christine Lai, UNIFAB (French Association of Manufacturers), among others. http://www.atualuxo.
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Creativity, in my opinion, starts when you look at the obvious things in a different way and realise that nothing is actually obvious.

...showing what makes for Great opinion sensitive moment, where we have to identify the quality, design and differential all products. To inform with care and attention ...
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