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Paul Chan Exhibition Opens at the Guggenheim Museum on March 6 on the Occasion of the Tenth Hugo Boss Prize

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

ROBERT GOBER: THE HEART IS NOT A METAPHOR BRINGS TOGETHER THE ARTIST'S ICONIC SCULPTURES AND RARELY EXHIBITED ROOM-SIZED INSTALLATIONS IN A SURVEY OF GOBER'S CAREER.  Pictured, from top: Robert Gober (American, born 1954). Leg with Anchor. 2008. Forged iron and steel, beeswax, cotton, leather, and <!--...

First Major US Solo Museum Exhibition - Surveys Past Twenty Years of Artist’s Work.

Chris Ofili, Afronirvana, 2002. Oil, acrylic, polye<!--...

Amazing Discoveries: The Art of David Lynch.
The Foreboding Zen of David Lynch's Paintings

From 16 April to 10 May , Galeries Lafayette Toulouse welcome the showing of the work of Bertrand Lamarche: The ombelliférique field.

From 16 Apr<!--...

Angel News » #Release - 11/04/14

EXPO CHICAGO, The International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art announces two unique prizes in support of Chicago’s art community.
Two New Prizes Recognizing Emerging Artists in Expo Chicago
Angel News » Global News - 21/06/13


Designers: Know Your Markets.

While some artists wait for critics to write on their work, these modern masters beat them to the punch, melding text and images for compositions that speak for themselves—literally.

VIP Contemporary presents the current exhibitions and special bodies of work from recognized international contemporary art galleries. VIP Art is proud to host such a tour de force in the contemporary art world. Viewing of the gallery’s booths will be available to the public as part of VIP Arts’s endeavor to expand access to the world’s best art.


U nder the theme Fashion Wild , nature is a wild foray in all stores !...wider audience to discover the work of artist Bertrand Lamarche, for an exceptional Outside the walls of the museum of the Stockyards .
Angel News » - 2014-04-11 18:37:52

Artist Matthew Day Jackson is a modern day American frontiersman. His interdisciplinary practice is in an ...
Angel News » - 2013-07-30 02:48:49

De 2 a 6 de março, a T Systems apresentará, durante a CeBIT 2010, inovações na web para o ...
Catálogo de arquivos » Baú Angel News - 2010-02-24 20:10:09

One of the pioneers of the vibrant New York Downtown art scene, Gagliostro j oined the art world ...
Angel News » - 2013-03-30 04:05:16

Org which specifically recognises work that challenges gender bias and shatters stereotypical images of men and women which remain rooted in marketing messages.... So rewarding creative work that fights to address the (mis)representation of gender in marketing communication is something we hope will lead to real ...
Angel News » - 2015-03-03 20:54:54

...participant country to commence construction work on the EXPO grounds. Dietmar Schmitz, Commissioner General of the German Pavilion and Head of the Division for Trade Fair ...” Now that construction work on the pavilion has commenced, the topping out ceremony has been scheduled for the coming autumn.
Angel News » - 2014-04-02 20:50:09

...a central theme in the work of the artist: “Wallwave vibration”. In the work of Loris Cecchini (born in Milan, 1969.
Angel News » - 2015-03-13 21:53:08

...intimate space to view the work of past ACRE residents. Additionally, ACRE, in conjunction with Bad at Sports , introduces The EXPO Register , a daily newspaper created ...and support the artist’s work, giving them access to Artadia’s unique programming and vast network. Additionally, Artadia will have a booth at EXPO CHICAGO ...
Angel News » - 2013-08-07 03:21:18

...movie ‘The Italian Job’ , the work will be on display until 8thApril 2015. Wilson has twice been nominated for the Turner Prize and is best known ...in time, and continue to work with selected artists to interact with the building in surprising and inspiring ways. About the Work Courtesy of the Artist ...
Angel News » - 2015-03-12 18:50:05

...of this remarkable body of work, highlighting themes and motifs that emerged in the early 1980s and continue to inform Gober’s work today.
Angel News » - 2014-04-18 18:38:49

” The future professor will work at EPFL’s Neuchâtel Microcity Campus, home to its Institute of Microengineering. The continuous optimisation of manufacturing processes for mechanical ...

...positive development in the continuous work towards fair living wages. “We started to test the so called Fair Wage Method, developed by the independent Fair Wage ...
Angel News anuncia » Luxo ou Lixo?! - 2015-04-09 21:47:01

You made our work is one of the biggest cases Luxury today and do the honorable invitation and eternal, are always welcome to our ...
Angel News anuncia » Presença Angel News - 2011-11-21 06:56:37

...is herself her own greatest work of art—something so vastly influential as to be unfathomable, knitting together all of us for whom she has provided ...
Angel News » - 2014-12-02 02:52:39

...you have about making it work? Or does it all just sound like too much hassle? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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