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...D I A R Y S U G G E S T S Institute for Fashion Design, Basel The Institute for Fashion Design in Basel, Switzerland, ...
Angel News » - 2013-03-23 23:06:41

S H O R T F O C U S : Paolo Errico, Milan With fashion deeply rooted in his family history, ...
Angel News » - 2013-02-23 19:40:03

...on exposure to the ICFF’s A list roster of emerging and established exhibitors and remarkable line up of special features....developers, manufacturers, store designers, and visual merchandisers from Southeast U.S.
Angel News » - 2014-04-04 04:54:22

hotography by Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina L I V E S T R E A M I N G G R A D U A T E S O N N J A ...
Angel News » - 2013-05-08 00:32:16

...hung high at Mihai Nicodim’s booth, has a cool but pleasing mien—looking at it feels like peering out a ...into a clear, beautiful, Constructivist informed day. The artist, who hasn’t shown in the U.S.

...the symbol COH and Coach’s Hong Kong Depositary Receipts are traded on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under the symbol 6388. Neither the ...Kong Depositary Receipts nor the Hong Kong Depositary Shares evidenced thereby have been or will be registered under the U.S.
Angel News anuncia » Extra, extra - 2013-02-27 16:54:38

Don’t miss these acclaimed exhibitions, all closing this weekend: Robert Irwin 's Scrim veil—Black rectangle—Natural light, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, "one of the masterpieces of Light ...and early '90s; and David Hockney: The Jugglers , the U.S.
Angel News » - 2013-08-29 03:53:20

León de la Barra’s exhibition presents artistic responses to the past and present that are inscribed within these contexts, and explores the possibility ...pioneering Latin American Conceptualists who were active in the U.S.
Angel News » - 2014-04-11 22:51:46

U ntil two years ago, this 33 year old New Yorker was a successful ...
Angel News » - 2014-06-16 04:41:52

...work that, per the artist’s direction, may be shown only in this setting. I, YOU, WE Through September 1 "Deeply moving"— The New York ...THE JUGGLERS Through September 1 This exhibition marks the U.S.
Angel News » - 2013-08-01 07:02:40

From November 8, 2013 through March 23, 2014, The Jewish Museum will present Art Spiegelman's Co Mix: A Retrospective celebrating the career of one of the most influential living comics artists and showing the ...the boundaries between "high" and "low" art. This first U.S.
Angel News » - 2013-07-30 03:18:34

...to connect with the Fair’s still growing audience of design professionals: the architects, interior designers, and developers who are at the forefront of the burgeoning U.S. market for design.

...the introduction of the world’s first full size electric SUV and 800 hp electric X Truck and with the electrifying trapeze symmetry of Cameron ...Marina as Duo de Luna. The beautifully balanced double aerial trapeze act, which has thrilled audiences in the U.S.
Angel News » - 2013-01-18 21:40:27

...no exception thanks to ArtCenter’s current roster, some already represented by galleries in the U.S. and abroad. winningART was created in 2001 by ArtCenter’...
Angel News » - 2013-02-23 22:12:34

“Let’s mail these little objects to [Louis] Carré in Paris, and have a show,” Duchamp ...Calder liked the idea, and intrigued by limitations on parcel size imposed by the U.S.
Angel News » - 2015-03-30 21:10:02

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