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Magnificent diamonds come from Antwerp!


Angel News » Global News - 24/11/14

Charlie, a true gem of leather craftsmanship.


Angel News » #Moda - 24/10/14

One year after the opening of their first flagship store in Beijing, Galeries Lafayette announce the appointment of Paul Burke ...

Em nossa série recorrente, monitoramos todas as coisas...

Kering foi incluída no 'The A List: O Índice de Liderança Climática CDP de Desempenho 2014 "...

Inspired by the luminous feathers and sparkling diamonds of Gabrielle Chanel’s original fine jewelry collection, the Holiday 2014 colour range from the Chanel Makeup Studio illuminates the complexion with softness and grace. Silver and gold shades flutter against fiery reds and shimmering peach tones for dramatic holiday beauty.