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#Zodiac Fucking Young
On stores 27th April 2015 Cover feat. ALEXANDRE CUNHA by Gorka PostigoSince forever man has looked up at the “sparkly dots” in the sky. As Pumba said, stars are “balls of gas burning billions of miles away”, but to our ancestors they were much more than that.

To celebrate the mystery and attraction that the zodiac universe evokes in us, we’ve dedicated this issue to it. To magic, to the unknown, to revelations, to hunches, to the stars, to magicians, sorceresses and visionaries. We’ve asked a magnificent team of photographers like Gorka Postigo, Marco Van Rijt, Michael Meewis, Nir Sarig, Pablo Sáez, Paco Peregrín, Rita Lino, Roman Goebel, Saverio Cardia, Adriano Russo, Michael Smits, Amanda Camenisch and Markus Jans to give us their particular vision of each sign, and capture the best models like Alex Cunha, Alexander Beck, Alessio Pozzi, Dominik Bauer, François Sagat or O’Shea Robertson. The first four chapters are divided by the elements: fire, earth, air and water, each responding to three different signs. In the last chapter we talk about the 13th sign – Ophiuchus – and we leave you, how could we not, with the forecast for 2015. Texts about art, horoscope, stars, interviews with Jeremy Scott, Rankin, Humberto Leon & Carol Lim, Bradley Soileau … And much more!

Like Sailor Moon, we stand for love and we also stand for justice. And in the name of the Moon, we present you with the ZODIAC issue!


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