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Yves Behar Designs Edyn a new gardening system designed by fuseproject

A garden is a living, breathing entity. Plants have specific needs and, like humans, each is unique. The beautiful and complex thing about a garden, however, is that so many factors play into its success: nutrients, water, sunlight, soil, locale, weather.


Recently we have worked on the Internet of Things manifesting itself on the body with UP24, or in the home with August, but we have yet to see technology maximize its potential in nature. Needless to say we were intrigued when Jason Aramburu, a proclaimed soil scientist, came to us with sensing technology for plants.


The thought was simple and profound: if one could see specifically what his or her plants need, then the relationship between gardener and garden becomes something profoundly intimate. In today's busy world, the average person often doesn't have time to invest in their garden, and is making educated guesses as to what their plants need. Our goal was to create with Jason's sensory technology a seamless communication between nature and its caretaker, while designing something beautiful in the context of the garden.


Our Industrial Design, Digital User Experience and Brand teams looked at many different possibilities in terms of aesthetics, storytelling and connectivity, and positioning in the garden. Inserting into the earth like a shovel or stake, the Edyn Garden Sensor industrial design creates a visual bridge between nature and technology that seems to blossom out of the earth.


We selected solar power, as the device should rely on the same natural energy as the plants surrounding it. The "stem" (the sensor) reads the soil's moisture and fertility, as well as temperature, air humidity, and sunlight. The information is then transmitted through WiFi to an app, providing the gardener with everything they need to know to create their perfect garden.


With Jason's knowledge as a soil scientist, we were able to design the app to give the user a contextual snapshot of your garden in a clear and concise way, maximizing their gardening potential. Not only do you get the information from your sensor, but the app also shows which plants or groups of plants will grow best in your garden, provides tips based on weather and soil nutrient levels, and sends you in the moment updates and notifications. Aesthetically, we integrated the diamond shape of the product into the app for a fluid visual experience.


To enhance the experience, we also designed the Edyn Water Valve - a sensor that attaches to your sprinkler system. When the Edyn Garden Sensor reads that the soil moisture is low, the water valve automatically turns on the sprinklers - giving your plants water only when they need it.


From there, we came up with the name - Edyn. The utopian garden. A place of purity, of fruitfulness and life. The logo, a symmetrical yellow leaf, shows simplicity and perfection; the color evoking the sense of euphoria you feel when the leaves change color in the fall. We integrated a holistic design language in both the product and logo, creating a cohesive experience between the physical, the organic, and the digital world. 

The exciting part is - this is only the beginning. At fuseproject, we understand what it means to be an entrepreneur and our design venture practice supports start-ups during the many stages of building a company and brand. We are now working with Jason's team to crowdfund, and we will continue to help Edyn grow. If we can develop a way to let the earth speak to us and tell us what it needs, the possibilities are limitless.



Edyn is Coming


For more information, please visit www.edyn.com and follow @EdynGarden on Twitter and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edyngarden.

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