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Youn Chong Bak revive five compositions for Smalto
"La sartoriale” jacket is one of SMALTO’s most emblematic
pieces, and named after the Italian word for "tailor”: sartore. The
foundation of the silhouette is the shoulder that confers the jacket
its allure: narrow and cut close to the body, it curves forward as
to never pull the collar up behind the neck, while sleeve heads are
rolled and slightly convex. Shallow and wide, armscyes ensure
ease of movement, while the perfectly squared Parisian lapel
notch accentuates the lines. Sleeve seams are straight, the waist is
cinched. The notch and the lapel have made Smalto’s reputation.
When savoir-faire makes a statement… Youn Chong Bak has interpreted LA
SARTORIALE, celebrated icon of the Smalto wardrobe, with very personal
insight on the label’s sartorial codes. She has designed an impeccably contempo-rary
silhouette making a clear statement of unmistakable elegance, perfectly in
line with the essence of Smalto and based on essence of its classics.
Youn Chong Bak has created five compositions on the small pleasures in the life
of the Smalto man.
Formal and casual creations reflecting sartorial art and expert skills are set in
atmospheres dear to Bak’s heart. In these scenes that enhance the man’s allure and
surroundings, his attitude becomes an art de vivre.
In an interplay of materials where textiles subtly blend in colour and pattern, the
eye is drawn to a mix of materials, for instance a velvet lapel. Black, khaki, crisp
white, grey and green join in a sober and masculine palette, enhanced by dashes of
honey and lilac tones. Jacquard is everywhere, applied all-over or to enhance pieces,
but always in a voluptuous and generous knit. Kangaroo leather, gloving lamb,
waterproof cashmere, crocodile, deer and long haired mink join with satins,
wool-lens and silk to complete a range of noble fabrics for the most elegant gentlemen.
Chapitre Premier
Wrapped in a luxurious sweater and enjoying the wood fire, the
aesthete surrenders to a moment of peace. The noise of the city is
far from his country house, where he enjoys a moment in dapper
First Chapter
The shoeshine enhances leather as the tailor enhances fabric.
With unrivalled skill and virtuosity, the shoeshine is a precious ally
for all shoe aficionados and lovers of impeccable patina. In the cosy
atmosphere of his salon, aesthetes and perfectionists sit enthroned
on the stately chair while the master bestows a shining glaze on
their shoes.
Second Chapter

How perfectly must one hold the blade to perfectly rid the face of
its beard while caressing the skin? This precision is akin to the skill
of the best tailors in Paris. In a sophisticated setting, gentlemen, in
chic or casual attire, wait patiently for the ministrations of a master
Third Chapter
At a secret address, remote from hustle and bustle, the club provides a
warm and peaceful setting. The door opens to understated and subtle
elegance only revealed by the invisible details that sign the Smalto suit:
perfect balance and fitted lines highlighting the chest and enhancing the
length of the body. The timeless décor is the ultimate setting for impeccably
dressed patrons to savour a perfect brandy.
Fourth Chapter
At the casino, the most dapper gent follows an accelerated play of hearts.
Clad in his flawless smoking jacket, he has his stakes on poker and black
jack, or tries his luck at a game of roulette. Never letting any intention
known, he wins by flawless gauging and accurate anticipation of his oppo-nents’ reactions.
It is a feat of self-control only equalled by the artisans of the bespoke atelier.
Fifth Chapter

 Youn Chong Bak has interpreted LA SARTORIALE, celebrated icon of the Smalto.

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