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You can desire Plantini now and forever
Plantini is a new growing kit that emulates the ornate steelwork of Victorian hothouses. The ornate, facet-topped structure stands just 9.5cm high and comes with everything you need to grow your own opulent tabletop plant house.

The metal etched plant house comes flat-packed in four pieces with instructions of how to assemble, a planting pot, compost disc and viola seeds.

As well as providing a protective shelter for your seedlings, the removable canopy and fully etched glass panes allows light and water to filter in.

For those not so green fingered, the building is beautiful in its own right and will stand proud on any mantlepiece, shelf or desk.
Plantini is designed and produced by Another Studio For Design in collaboration with Glasgow based model makers Finch & Fouracre. It is made from etched stainless steel, 100% recycled paperboard, biodegradable bamboo and rice hull planting pot, compressed compost and viola seeds.
by www.Another-Studio.com
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