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WORKSHOPDESIGN Agency the luxury light is here

Workshopdesign Agency est une agence exclusive de design. WORKSHOPDESIGN Agency provide brand promotion and set up distribution in France and international positioned in the high-end design market factories.
The agency consists of several agents for the representation of brands and marketing strategy to ensure commercial efficiency.

Specialized in the development of public spaces (offices , restaurants , hotels, shops , museums , government , historical monuments , as well as villas and lofts ), offer a selection of furniture, lighting and decorative materials operated by originality and ' inventiveness in any respect .

- Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
- Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
- Decorative Materials

The products are always innovative, different quality, and combined with the talent of architects and designers will be part mistress of elegant and very personal projects. We will give you all the necessary support to the implementation of your development project.

The collections are available to all professionals , distributors and specifiers, and individuals with a national sales presence and proximity.

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