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JON’s the one you’ve seen ride by on his bike or that new guy in Chemistry class. Or maybe he works at your bar or lives in your apartment building. Either way, we’d like you to pick him up and tote him around town.

Who is JON?Each issue editors Leigh and Stephen ask a handful of talented creatives from around the world to each make a story for JON – which we couple together with a small selection of interviews and short articles, and then carefully produce just 500 copies for only the most special of magazine consumers.

JON is a mens fashion magazine featuring beautiful guys and amazing fashion, but without the pretentiousness that fashion magazines sometimes have. Our magazine is lighthearted, beautiful, with fashion stories to excite the imagination and inspire our readers.

Each of our issues are themed, and our latest – issue 3 – is VHS, exploring the 90s influence on our upbringing and the way we live today. Our next issue, released 14th March 2014, is themed ‘HAY’. We can’t wait to show you what our talented creatives have prepared for our HAY issue.

Limited numbers of our previous issues are available on our web shop, and a list of local retailers in London and New York will be released on the 14th March in time for our next issue. If you live elsewhere, just Buy online today at our online shop.

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