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Welcome to the A. Lange & Söhne Manufactory
As of 21 January 2013, clicking to www.alange-soehne.com will launch the new A. Lange
& Söhne website. At first sight, it is just as compact and well-organised as the design of
the company’s exquisite timepieces. But in reality, it is the gateway to the entire realm of
the eminent brand with its five watch families and unique heritage. Technical details for
watch aficionados, new videos from the manufactory, and macrophotography of the
movements deliver an authentic and fascinating A. Lange & Söhne experience.

The new website also factors in the circumstance that more and more Internet users are
going online with smartphones or tablet PCs. This is why it is built on the principle of
responsive web design. Responsive means that the layout automatically adjusts to the
display format and screen resolution of the user's device, so from smartphones to
desktop computers, it always assures an optimised encounter with full functionality.

The concept melds emotion and information with intuitive user guidance. Galleries show
full-format images of the manufactory's past and present. Product developers and
watchmakers speak up in videos. Computer animations explain how complex
mechanisms work. Impressive detail macrophotography provides hands-on close-ups of
the lavishly decorated movements. 

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"Our new website addresses the phenomenon of mobility and the growing expectations
of watch connoisseurs all over the world. Even users of mobile devices should be able to
experience and revel in the beauty of our timepieces as well as the multi-faceted heritage
behind them,” said Lange CEO Wilhelm Schmid when commenting the reasons why the
Internet presence was redesigned.

A well-organised three-channel structure allows visitors to quickly navigate from the
homepage to the content that interests them:
The focus is on "Timepieces”, represented by a LANGE 1, the brand's most iconic model. A
click on the watch opens the door to the five timepiece families with images and
background information on each model. This part of the site allows visitors to compare
up to three models in detail.

Symbolised by a tourbillon, "Inside our MANUFAKTUR” tempts visitors to explore the
impressive realm of Lange watchmaking artistry. Picture galleries enrich the virtual tour
through the manufactory from the design phase to final assembly. Video clips give
employees in various departments the opportunity to explain the special aspects of their

The state coat of arms, labelled "Our Saxon origin”  marks the entrance to the
manufactory's eventful history. It builds a bridge from the roots of Saxon culture, which
began with the discovery of silver ore in the Middle Ages, to the establishment of
precision watchmaking in Saxony by Ferdinand A. Lange, and crowns the journey with
the horological masterpieces of our era.

Further sections feature current news, the addresses of global points of sale, and
information related to customer service, the company, careers, plus much more.

A. Lange & Söhne
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