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Visionaire 64 ART John Baldessari, the Platinum Edition containing 30 artworks, a Platinum print, and a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Visionaire 64 ART marries modern technology with oldworld process, pop culture with high art, digital with analog. Created in partnership with leading innovative technology company Samsung Electronics, this issue exploits the current ease of digital and emailable self-portraits with the time-honored hand craftsmanship of print making.

Co-founders Cecilia Dean and James Kaliardos brainstormed with Baldessari at his Venice Beach studio and conceived of an issue comprised of self-portraits (aka “selfies”) transformed into art with Baldessari’s “color interventions”. Baldessari remarked, “I’ll probably be most remembered for putting dots over people’s faces, so it’s funny to do an issue devoted to selfies of famous people.” Visionaire then invited a roster of contemporary personalities to contribute self-portraits that were printed in black & white on high-quality archival paper. The 30 images were then altered with embossed shapes and colors created by Baldessari.

Also included is a Platinum print of Mars Rover’s self-portrait with Baldessari color shape silk-screens. The Platinum print was produced by Amanasalto who has developed a technology that allows a digital file to be the source material for a Platinum print. This patented process marries the skills and passion of hand craftsmanship with digital photography.

Platinum prints are favored by artists and collectors because of their tonal range, the surface quality, and their permanence. Platinum lies on the paper surface. As a result, since no gelatin emulsion is used, the final platinum image is matte with a deposit of platinum absorbed into the paper. It is estimated that a true platinum print can last thousands of years. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 blends an evolved S Pen with a super viewing experience for the most unique and powerful mobile experience on the market. It has an advanced camera system to reproduce brighter and clearer images within a new sleek and stylish Galaxy design with a premium metal frame and fluid curvature for a device that not only looks beautiful, but also offers superior grip and enhanced durability.

The Visionaire partnership embodies Samsung’s passion and commitment for enriching people’s lives through art and culture by crafting meaningful and innovative products. Through this partnership, both companies work together to break down creative boundaries and build diverse communities dedicated to imaginative, original, and passionate expression.

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