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VANESSAMORIN presents your Autumn - Winter 2013
For this season VANESSAMORIN draws inspiration from the most disputed decade of the last century, the 60’s, when the energy of a whole generation came to a head in a long fine flash, for reasons that nobody really understood at the time.  The use of natural colors, such as ivory, gray and black, mixed with olive green, deep purple and navy blue complement each other to ultimately form a classic yet edgy collection. Explore the natural movement from each fabric and feel the luxury of the exclusively hand picked materials. Experience layered textures, fall in love with everyday classics and become a modern rebel with this season’s VANESSAMORIN collection.

Core of the collection are trench coats, classic on the front and ultra modern with a bit of extravaganza on the back. Overlaps are applied to softly draped biker jackets, wrap pieces, bomber jackets and pants with piping details inspired from bikers clothing. Olive and purple navy colored parkas, plissé waistcoats, belted kimono-like shirts and blazer-coats easily transfer into an elegant A-shaped over piece and matching pants.

The unique in-house prints give an edge of street wear and feminine elegance. VANESSAMORIN plays with photographic elements such as negatives and positives by creating spotted patterns. In contrast, she gives a feminine flair by adding peacock prints to merge the bold colors of greens and purples together. This playful contrast is inspired by the trendsetting London Modernists and the 50’s leather clad rockers. This collaboration continues to show a clean, contemporary look that stands for VANESSAMORIN.

VANESSAMORIN produces her own dyed-garments applying special effects on fabrics and colors, making one and each piece to a solid wearable collectors item. VANESSAMORIN stands for a clean, contemporary look resulting in casual yet luxurious elegance that refines femininity. The items are comfortable enough to be worn all day long and easily transferred into eveningwear.

VANESSAMORIN presents your Autumn - Winter 2013

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