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Valentine's Day at Betteridge
We consider it our privilege and duty to have learned from over a century of Betteridge craftsmen.  This wealth of experience enables us to build the most beautiful and durable engagement rings in the world; rings designed to withstand the ups and downs of a long, loving marraige.
It is our dedication to the creation of lasting beauty that makes every Betteridge engagement ring unique, just like her.
Diamond Heart Pendant, Circa 1895
At the end of the 19th century, platinum was for the first time being used to set diamonds, though still with the historically used gold backing.
Seen from behind, the pendant's setting is almost entirely pierced and filed away. It creates the appearance of a honeycomb in gold and platinum whose engineering would make Buckminister Fuller proud.  Perfect strength with a minimum of material, though a maximum of labor.
After the sawing and filing, cotton string and pith wood charged with fine abrasive powders and carried by beeswax were "thrummed" to mirror polish the cutaways.  The process creates the perfect seats for each small diamond.
From the back just as much as the front, this is perfection seldom seen.


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