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UNSCENT presents the international olfactory scene of Art Perfumery
UNSCENT – Fragments of the Emerging Olfactory Scene, presents the international olfactory scene of Art Perfumery with installations and project rooms, in the historic surroundings of Palazzo Morando in via S. Andrea 6, in the heart of Milan's fashion district. The event's title, used in its negative form, seeks to communicate the world of perfume without perfume, activating a programme of research on the invisibility of essences in the context of the world that inspires them.
Special projects include a Video Olfactory Room by Diane Pernet, one of the world’s most important fashion icons, a room designed by Sacré Nobi, New York-based artist who has created a perfume inspired by Michelangelo’s sculpture "La Pietà”, and the works of Yusuke Nishimura on light and invisibility; and last but not least a room dedicated to a unique experience with Alessandro Gualtieri, the ingenious originator of Nasomatto. There will also be a national preview presentation of the novel Re Profumo.
A multi-sensorial itinerary involving fashion, thanks to a series of site specific experiences is created by Excelsior Milano especially for the occasion. Antonia Excelsior’s visual team will develop a creative short-circuit to bring the world of fragrances into dialogue with a series of accessories and fashion items selected for each room according to different themes.
The exhibition event will be marked by a special limited edition catalogue, published by Flaneur&Dust, a precious cameo containing olfactory and visual fragments of UNSCENT and its leading personalities.
Uniting art and perfumery with a strong concept and research has brought about the discovery of brands led by young artists: Agnoist, Andrea Maack Parfums, Blood Concept and Six Scents.
The UNSCENT experience will include among its protagonists:
Acqua di Stresa / Agonist / Boadicea the Victorious / Bond no.9 / Blood Concept / Byredo / Czech&Speake / Eight&Bob / The Hype Noses / I Love NY / Andrea Maack Parfums / Nasomatto / S4P / Six Scents / SoOud
Intertrade Europe follows the most sought-after brands of art perfumery with differing characteristics and a single guiding principle: the high quality of craft essence – acknowledging the time that "masterpiece” fragrances require, creating a niche market capable of regarding products as true works of art, the product of a manual creativity that is unique in the world.
MARCH 21st-24th, 2013
OPENING HOURS: 10.00 to 18.00
SUNDAY: 10.00 to 16.00

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