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uniques special ones from Florence to St. Petersburg
From the 30th of August to the 1st of September St. Petersburg will host the fourth year of uniques special ones, the international concours gathering modern and historic tailor-made and one-off cars: it will be the first international car concours ever realised in the Russian city bringing there the cream of international collectors. The official presentation was held in St. Petersburg, during the important international meeting of the 'St. Petersburg Economic Forum'.
The 2013 uniques special ones ‘treasure cars’ will be exhibited in the striking surroundings of Kirov Park on Yelagin Island, one of the most exclusive islands in the Neva delta. Gala dinners throughout the event – a fundamental characteristic of the concours – will be held in prestigious Palaces, exclusively opened for the occasion: as it will happen with the State Hermitage Museum.

The concours entrants and a selected number of guests, will have the chance of a private visit to the museum and have a cocktail there: a concert by the State Hermitage Symphony Orchestra 'St Petersburg Camerata', conducted by Fabio Mastrangelo, will precede the dinner.
"We made an exception and even allowed to hold a gala evening in the Italian Hall; that’s a very rare case usually reserved for Heads of State” explains official representative of M.B. Piotrowski, Torshina Lyudmila Evgenjevna.

uniques special ones gathers cars and objects for record values: last year vehicles and items exhibited reached a total value of over 150 million euros and this year the figure is expected to be higher.
The committee is now evaluating all classic or modern car entered to the concours, which must fall under at least one of the following categories:

 - One-off models;
 - The remaining cars from extremely limited productions;
 - Prototypes;
 - Concept and show cars;
 - Famous cars (cars that gained fame through their participation in historical events; cars that belonged to famous owners; press cars; team cars; works cars; cars that have appeared in films or TV series; cars with the first or last chassis number and/or the earliest surviving or most recently built example remaining of a particular model);
 - Limited production models (20 or less units built or remaining).

The particular emphasis on the feature that characterises the event, excellence, grows from the partnerships formed by the organisation. Gazprom Neft and Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank by assets, are sponsoring 2013 uniques special ones. And for the fourth consecutive year the organisation is supported by Stefano Ricci, whose distinctive values are perfectly matched with those of uniques. The event also has the patronage of: Saint-Petersburg Government – Committee on Tourism Develoopment; the Consulate General of Italy in St. Petersburg and the Municipality of Florence.

2013 uniques special ones: after three years in Florence the international concours that gathers modern and historic tailor-made and one-off cars will be held in St. Petersburg.

by MAC Group s.r.l. Press Office

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