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Tropical Heat by Schön
Watch as things truly heat up in this sexy editorial for Issue #21. Shot by
Daniel Roché, Tropical Heat captures a more sensual side of summer,
while styling by Sascha Gaugel, ensures models Cilou Annys and Sebastian
Schlüter remain effortlessly cool.
The Man Behind The Mask/ DJ and producer, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo a.k.a.
The Bloody Beetroots, talks us through his passion for composer Johann Sebastian Bach,
his hotly awaited new album and why music is all that matters.
Sauteur leaps out of the page in Issue 21, in an unforgettable and rather
sportive manner. Photographer Franck Glenisson, captures model Clement Barreda.
Soaring to New Heights - Coppélia Pique Haute Couture/
In the new Coppélia Pique Haute Couture Collection, Axelle Migé soars to
new heights in the design of her garments. The French couturier drew
inspiration from the prophecy of Padmasambhava, otherwise known as the
Second Buddha.
Laurence Xu Haute Couture/
The excitement was palpable as guests rushed into Laurence Xu’s Haute
Couture runway show. All was a commotion of Prada sunglasses, silver
Chanel chains, Ferragamo bows, and Dior handbags, proof that there were
several A-Listers among the spectators.
PeeMonster: The Interview/
As pencil meets paper, Californian artist PeeMonster creates a curious,
yet charming graphite world in which we are all welcome. Although eerie
at a first look, this land of naïve characters and misunderstandings is
an oasis for the artist.

David LaChapelle: Still Life/
Critically acclaimed American photographer David LaChapelle, best known
for his extremely imaginative fashion photography and outrageously
ornate celebrity portraits, showcases two series in Paris for the very
first time: Still Life and Last Supper.
Electrifying -
Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture/
Alexandre Vauthier knew how to begin his show with a bang. The French
fashion designer presented his Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2013/2014
Collection at the Palais de Tokyo in a completely dark room.
The Wild One/
Styled by Luca Termine and photographed by Stefan Giftthaler, ‘The Wild
One’ takes inspiration from the 1953 film of the same name and its
star, Marlon Brando.
Swimming the Deep Seas -
Yiqing Yin Haute Couture/
Entering inside Yiqing Yin’s haute couture universe was like arriving at a
utopic reverie. The French designer of Chinese descent set the scene in
an entirely white backdrop as pure and fresh as her clothing designs.
Christened as "Les Reves de Lunacy,”.
Defying Gender Roles -
Rad Hourani Haute Couture/
Self-taught high fashion designer Rad Hourani presented his first
collection during Haute Couture Fashion Week last week. Throughout the
entire history of fashion, Hourani is the first invited designer by La
Chambre Syndicale de La Haute Couture.
by Schön
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