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Trade Mission to Brazil by Maison du Luxe

When considering prospects for the Brazilian Market it helps to have an overview of the local economy, since it is due to economic factors that Brazil is now so attractive to investors.

Brazil has become the capital of consumption in the entire Latin America. All the other countries in South America account for the same as Brazil,  population and consumption wise.

Sao Paulo is the driver of the consumption, besides being one of the largest cities of the world.

The middle class is richer than a few years ago, having spent much more in product and services.

The Brazilian economy has grown consistently and steadily for about three decades. Over the past two years, Brazil has shown a growth of 7.4% per year and the forecast for this year is 5.1%

Strategy and Objectives

The objective of this mission is to understand the Brazilian market and wonder why Brazil has become an attractive


Understand why international companies are turning to Brazil.

Check the possibility of establishing your business in Brazil.


This mission will contribute to the development of new business in Brazil, through a differential treatment with expert

advice, sourcing service with scheduling meetings with potential suppliers and partners, and technical skills and business on the Brazilian market. Besides providing a unique networking. Business meeting with local businesses. Sourcing directed to the necessity of participating companies.


Friday 09/09/2011

Flight to Brazil

Saturday         10/09/2011

Group presentation;

São Paulo economic tour; Welcome drinks.

Sunday           11/09/2011

São Paulo financial tour; Business Dinner.

Monday          12/09/2011

How to do Business in Brazil; Business Dinner.

Tuesday          13/09/2011

How to do Business in Brazil; Business Dinner

Wednesday 14/09/2011

How to do Business in Brazil; Business Dinner.

Thursday         15/09/2011

Visit to Santos Port

Technical visit to a Brazilian Company; Business Dinner.

Friday 16/09/2011

Technical visit to a Brazilian Company (morning); Technical visit to a Brazilian Company (afternoon); Business Dinner.

Saturday         17/09/2011

Business Meeting;

Group Feedback;

Farewell Cocktail.

Sunday           18/09/2011

Flight back to the destination

Trade Mission to Brazil:

How to do Business in Brazil



Guidelines and Cultural Aspects of negotiation in Brazil; Brazil politic and economic situation;

How to establish a company in Brazil; How to negociate in Brazil;

How to deal with brazilian people; How to cash management in Brazil; How to invest in Brazil.

Business oportunities in Brazil.


How to import into Brazil;

How to export in Brazil.

How to integrate logistic in Brazil;

How to do governmental contracts in Brazil;

How to protect intellectual property in Brazil;

How to understand legal aspects on doing infrastructure business in Brazil; How to obtain financing in Brazil;

How to make private equity and venture capital investment in Brazil


How to obtain visas for Brazil;

How to obtain environmental permits in Brazil. How is the expatriate life in Brazil;

How to understand entertainment and sports law in Brazil;

How to protect people and property in Brazil;

World Cup 2014 and Olimpic games 2016 - A new Brazil is raising;



Welcome and Farewell Drinks:


This is another form of networking with other participants of the mission.

Business Dinner:

This dinner is a good opportunity for networking.

Every dinner 2 or 3 business man will be invited;

Visit to the Santos Port:

We will visit the most important port in Brazil and the largest in Latin America;

Technical visit to a Brazilian Company:

This visit is important to see how a Brazilian company works and also aspects from the seminar How to do business in Brazil;

Business Meeting:

This meeting is important to meet future partners;

Package includes:

Hotel with breakfast;

Shuttle services (airport / hotel / airport, Technical visits, Economic and Financial tour, Santos Port, Dinner);

Meeting to present the planning and support team of the mission; Seminar "How to do business in Brazil”;


Interpreter English-Portuguese; A Brazilian mobile chip;

Networking directed;

Advisory pre-, during and after the mission; Logistical preparations;

Support in business meetings;

Monitoring of staff during the mission; Organization of dinners;

Business meeting with local businesses;

Sourcing directed to the necessity of participating companies; Training business lunch in Brazil;

Dinner networking with potential partners in Brazil; Welcome and Farewell Drinks.

Package does not includes:


Documentation and visas costs; Travel insurance;

Baggage excess;

Charges and tips;

Personal expenses (telephone, internet, laundry, etc.);

Any cost on treatment, medication or medical procedures and hospital;

Costs on tecnic visits or options sightseeing that are not included in package; Overnight or late check-out.



For further information, please contact

Claudio Diniz

+5511 9955 3020


Press Maison du Luxe

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