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Top 5 innovations impacting the fashion industry


It's a really exciting time in our industry; new trends, platforms and technology are bringing fresh perspective to fashion, beauty and luxury brands as they tremendously impact our industry and the consumer behavior that drives it.
Even if your brand is not an early adopter, it's critical to understand the changing landscape so that you can be sure your current strategy aligns with (near) future consumer behavior and positions your brand to excel.

Effective Brand Storytelling
What exactly is a brand’s story? We uncover the important aspects of storytelling and provide concrete tactics so that your brand’s story is told in a manner that is consistent, engaging and appropriate across each channel.
0Campaign Development
For each initiative, integration is critical to success. We help brands beyond the brainstorming process determine the best ways to use technology to bridge online and offline and create maximum reach. Start with an idea, end the lab with a concrete plan of which platforms and technologies will make an impact.
Understanding the needs of mobile websites vs mobile applications is necessary to meet and exceed consumer expectations. We analyze factors of convenience, experience, transaction and community to help businesses determine the most appropriate ways to use mobile.
Analyzing Social Media ROI
ROI is more than assessing numbers, it’s plotting the initiatives, engagement and acquisitions for each social media initiative. We provide tools for analysis that generate reports for internal distribution to high level executives.
An in-depth analysis of the new technology and platforms available that can aide in user experience, ecommerce, content publication and innovative brand positioning. In this lab we will also share an interactive tool to assess and determine which platforms your brand should be on given it’s unique objectives and resources.
An open internal dialogue amongst C-level executives, lead by FCLabs. We discuss emerging trends and address concerns in an authentic, thought -provoking way in order to help brands review the business opportunities presented in the new digital landscape while protecting and evolving brand heritage.

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