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TOM REBL the mystery and the contradictions of the land
The Spring / Summer 2014 collection of TOM REBL reflects the personality and creativity of the
designer: contrasts, which are used to create an innovative and harmonic concept with a strong.
oriental influence.

The mystery and the contradictions of the land of the rising sun emerge in the flower embroidery, in the black and white jacquard, in the hats which remind of traditional samurai headpieces or the Korean Gat. These are true sculptures, works of art realized exclusively for TOM REBL by Zena, young and talented artist.

To complete the look, TOM REBL colaborates once again with Stefano De Lellis. The accessory
designer uses unusual materials such as china, creating body jewelry mixing spheres, flowers,
dishes and metals, which result in a strong impact.

"Contrast” is the key word for this Spring / Summer 2014 collection by TOM REBL.
The proposed colors, the fabrics, the cuts, the fits and the layering create an innovative clash.
Black remains the dominant color, which is contrasted by its opposite. Natural shades of white,
stripes and the watercolor jacquard are used to break the dark mood and cause a slight vintage
appeal, with metallic highlights.

Natural fabrics, almost rough and coarse, such as linen and cotton are mixed and obtain an
extreme sensation of lightness, creating a light and fluid silhouette.

The clothes might seem simple, but are in fact thought-through deconstructed jackets and refined suits with a strong tailoring aspect.
The looks are created by layering of different lengths: jackets, trousers and kaftan dresses overlap and create unexpected proportions.
Leather and python give allure to sharp jackets and are at the same time constructed with various fabrics and multible textures.

The japanese kimono gets a new lease of life through distinctive details, which gives the
collection an oriental touch and a vintage mood. TOM REBL superbly combines the masculine
and feminine, similar to the Kabuki Theatre, creating interesting contaminations with the modern
Also the location chosen for the catwalk reflects this concept. The scenography is constructed
by light and shadow and underlines the overall mood of the collection.

TOM REBL manages to exalt the body and the character of the wearer. In the same way, the
dancers of the DanceHaus of Susanna Beltrami express sensations and atmospheres through
their body movements, putting on stage real life stories.

The catwalk show will give you a preview of the Tom Rebl Eyewear collection, which will be
presented at White fair in Milan in September 2013.

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