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Project 1 series 8 your sunglasses the luxury
One look at the latest collection of sunglasses from theo by Tim Van Steenbergen and you’ll notice 1 thing for sure: the summer of 2013 is going to be colourful, very colourful. No fewer than 17 colour combinations have been applied to the 6 models. A dark tone with a subtle, colourful accent, or just the opposite, from fluorescent green, orange and bright red to transparent sand-colour. This summer you're bound to find the perfect pair of shades to match your personality at theo!
Tim was able to fully immerse himself in the spirit of René’s heyday: the influence of Le Corbusier, Mondrian with his geometric-abstract work and the turbulent 60s when everything revolved around freedom, progress and self-fulfilment. Concretely the aspect of René’s buildings that particularly attracted Tim is their deviation from ‘the norm’. For example, René positioned the church steeple slightly apart from the rest of the building so that there would be plenty of natural light. The details on the front of the models Nina, Luca and Lena are a nod to these church spires. The structure of the metal temples is a reference to the concrete structures. Nina and Lena are feminine models, while Luca is a unisex version.
Mia, Anna and Kara are made completely from acetate and are stylised and rounded. The linear play of colour, structure and form in his grandfather's buildings finds expression here. Mia is a unisex model, while Anna and Kara are emphatically feminine.
Each model is available in eight colour combinations. However, the two acetate plates have not been adhered to each other symmetrically, but rather in a geometric pattern. This effect creates pleasing colour details.

theo by Tim Van Steenbergen presents 'Project 1 series 8'
by theo
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