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In  September,  theMICAM  turns  rock,  overwhelming  lovers  of  Italian  and  international
footwear  with  its  usual  burst  of  energy  from  15  to  18  September at  Fiera  Milano  Rho,
when the show will be presenting the collections for spring/summer 2014.

New  this  season  is  the  "Foot  Rocker" initiative,  produced  in  collaboration  with  the
famous  rock  music  magazine  Rolling  Stone. Hall  10  will  host  video  interviews  and
testimonies,  revealing  the  youngest  fashion  styles  and  the  most  underground  "street”
brands  present  at  theMICAM. 

But  the  show  is  not  all  about  rock. Innovation  and  high  fashion are  at  the  centre  of
theMICAM,  which  provides  real  business  and  networking  opportunities  to  the  leading
footwear  players  worldwide and  offers  them  the  chance  to  experience  firsthand the
best in footwear fashion.

To  provide  exhibitors  and  buyers  with  the  best  reception  possible,  theMICAM  offers
services  and  initiatives designed  to  ensure  that  their  experience  at  the  show  is  simple
and  effective,  and  to  continue  to  ensure  the  high  standing  that  the  event  enjoys
throughout the world. In particular, in order to optimise movements and visits, theMICAM
will  be  offering  an  airport&tourist  service,  which  will  welcome  visitors  and  exhibitors,
and  assisting  them,  for  example,  with  information  on  the  city of  Milan,  hotels  and
restaurants,  as  well  as  airport  check-in and  related  services,  such  as  airport  transfers
and  baggage  transport.  And  that's  not  all.  Visitors  can  also  obtain  useful  tips  for  their
leisure time, and buy customised travel packages.

In addition to the trade fair itself, theMICAM willalso be in town with initiatives aimed at
footwear  enthusiasts,  such  as  theMICAMpoint,  offering  events,  initiatives  and
workshops  dedicated  to  the  world  of  shoes  and  focussing  on  the  latest  trends,  and
activities aimed at adults and children alike. The  aim is to raise awareness in the general
public on the issues of value, Italian quality and the fight against counterfeiting.
theMICAM  operates  as  a  truly  unique  event reserved  to  the  most  qualified
professionals  in  the  industry;  a  business  platform  dedicated  to  companies  wishing  to
showcase their collections and come into contact with the world's leading footwear
markets. Participating  in  theMICAM  adds  value  to  the  presence  of  brands  on  the
international  market,  as  it  represents  the  most  effective  channel  through  which  to
learn  about  the  latest  fashion  trends  and  the  inclinations  of  the  industry
professionals, with whom to establish or develop long-lasting business relations.

The International Shoe Fair returns to Milan from 15 to 18 September.

by  theMICAM
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