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The Sound of Time Vacheron Constantin
As part of Watches & Wonders, the first event of its kind to be held in Hong Kong from September 25th to 28th 2013, the Geneva-based watch Fine Watchmaking manufacturer Vacheron Constantin offers a tuneful and luminous experimental route presenting some of the finest striking watches from its legacy. From September 25th to 28th 2013, the Manufacture is turning the spotlight in Asia on an array of  striking  watches.  This  encounter,  based  on  the  principle  of  sharing,  marks  Vacheron Constantin’s  determination  to  present  a  particular  facet  of  its  uninterrupted  activity  since 1755. At a very early stage, the Geneva-based manufacturer made a name for itself with exceptional striking  watches.  The  founder’s  grandson  Jacques  Barthélémi  Vacheron,  was  himself  a specialist of repeater watches before taking the reins of the Maison in the early 19th century. The  firm’s  reputation  in  the  making  of  striking  watches  thus  naturally  grew  and  the  most famous  collectors  commissioned  their  own  models  –  such  as  Sir  Bhupindra  Singh,  the Maharajah of Patiala, who acquired a  pocket chronograph clockwatch with alarm,  date and moon  phases  dated  1909;  or  the  famous  American  automobile  manufacturer  James  Ward Packard,  who  ordered  in  1918  a  quarter  and  half-quarter  repeating  pocket  chronograph clockwatch with Grande and Petite Sonnerie. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to discover an  1812 red  gold quarter-repeater pocket watch with a guilloché dial testifying to this longstanding tradition, along with an 1827 pocket watch  with  quarter  repeater,  jumping  hours  and  small  seconds.  Each  of  the  exhibition showcases  will  provide  an  opportunity  to  take  a  closer  look  at  the  mysteries  of  a  rare horological complication much sought-after by well-known collectors. The advent of the wristwatch in the 20th century led watchmakers to seek and find ingenious ways  of  miniaturising  striking  mechanisms  in  order  to  meet  the  demands  of  smaller  and slimmer cases. This  quest  gave rise to spectacular feats of ultimate finesse, such  as this 1955 minute  repeater  model  equipped  with  a  calibre  measuring  less  than  3.28  mm  thick.  Other ultra-thin timepieces housing a number of complications were to follow, each expressing pure and  exquisite  beauty  –  as  is  admirably  embodied  in  this  exhibition  by  a  minute  repeater featuring a movement entirely openworked and decorated by hand. For the first time in Hong Kong, Vacheron Constantin evokes an aspect of Fine Watchmaking that is as fascinating today as  it has always been. Once again, the precious timepieces from the Geneva-based Maison are an open invitation to explore the beating heart of human genius.

Vacheron Constantin
by Vacheron Constantin
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