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The Society Management in Models.com profile

After months of whispers and rumors, the much anticipated arrival of
The Society Management is finally here, and we have the first look in
this special sponsored presentation. Defying the traditionally defined
parameters of a model management agency, this new addition to New York
City will collaborate with an array of creative teams from the fields of
arts & culture to produce original content – all in addition to
managing the diverse careers of its talents. With the concept of beauty
in motion in tow, Santiago & Mauricio are the first team up to bat,
showcasing part of The Society Management’s debuting roster through
their unique vision.

Stay tuned for Wednesday, March 20th as The Society officially
launches their website as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and

www.thesocietymanagement.com (Launching Wednesday March 20th)

The Society Management Models.com profile

Portraits in motion by Santiago & Mauricio Sierra (Cadence New York)

by The Society

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