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The Red Carpet At Wings for Life Annual Fundraising Party
Celebrities from the world of sport, music and society attended the Wings for Life charity fundraiser party, The Cord Club to raise money for spinal cord injury research Last night spinal cord research charity Wings for Life hosted its annual fundraising party - The Cord Club – at the renowned venue The Roundhouse in London.  The evening was packed full of show-stopping entertainment and fine dining courtesy of Michelin star chef, Angela Hartnett. Former Formula One driver David Coulthard and WILLIAMS MARTINI® RACING, test driver Susie Wolff, both Wings for Life ambassadors, hosted the event and entertained a crowd of high society guests who attended with one aim – to raise money for spinal cord injury research.  

Geri Halliwell, a passionate supporter and ambassador of the charity graced the red carpet alongside her Formula 1 fiance, Christian Horner. The couple were joined by TV presenter Suzi Perry, Lord March, Adrian Newey, Danny MacAskill, Eddie Jordan and many others. 


Entertainment on the night was in abundance, kicking off with an awe inspiring bike performance from Red Bull athlete, Danny MacAskill. A delicious menu followed in the form of three courses by the superb Angela Hartnett, founder of the critically acclaimed Merchants Tavern. Finally, Eddie and the Robbers, legendary Formula One boss Eddie Jordan’s very own rock band, had the audience up on their feet to conclude the nights activities.  

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