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The Piaget Rose collection flourishes with new creations @Piaget
Ode to the rose: the Piaget Rose collection flourishes with new creationsIn Piaget’s universe, the rose represents an unlimited source of creative inspiration. Remarkable in its shape, beauty, fragility and scent, the sensual, splendid queen of flowers has always enchanted the creative mind of Yves Piaget. The ultimate tribute to this unconditional love, the winning species at the 1982 International Competition of New Roses, with its 80 petals and bewitching scent, is christened the “Yves Piaget Rose”. The company’s uncontested muse, the rose studs Piaget’s history through its creations, which are as sparkling and bold as they are subtle. A real flower, a unique history.
The Piaget Rose collection, launched in 2012 for the 30th anniversary of the Yves Piaget Rose, continues to flourish with a third extension. Dedicated to feminine beauty, 14 amazing jewellery creations have blossomed. With each new flowering, the most important element is to capture all the qualities of this flower and to stir emotions through the aesthetics of each piece. At times elegant and glamorous, while at others delicate and feminine, like the ever-changing rose within its floral kingdom.
A symbol of love and seduction, the rose reveals its playful side with a new technical development conceived by Piaget’s jewellers. In the Piaget Rose jewellery pendant concept, a generous flower jewel slides on a chain, thus enabling the creation of different styles depending on the mood of each woman. Worn close to the neck, the rose shines to enhance the softness of the skin; while by floating lightly on the décolletage, it reveals its seductive, luxurious side glittering with diamonds (G33U0093 and G33U0200).

The Piaget Rose cable inspiration collection is a symphony of gold and diamonds, pink and white, like two intertwined rosebushes. A collection bursting with freshness inspired by the beauty of the rose in its plant environment, it is a reminder of Yves Piaget’s passion for the wild roses of his childhood with their intertwined branches. A bracelet, with its voluptuous rose and rose buds in an asymmetrical position, encircles the wrist with unbridled elegance (G36U4000 and G36U3600). Evoking the mysterious and daring nature of the rose, a secret clasp is ingeniously hidden in the heart of the rose. A gentle press on a delicate petal activates an invisible mechanism that releases the bracelet opening. A ring (G34UR800) and hoop earrings (G38U0059) with diamond-set stems highlight the sometimes rebellious nature of the rose in the natural environment.
The Piaget Rose lace inspiration interpretation reveals a cascade of roses that creates a fascinating impression with the lightness of its diamond-studded lace. Pendant earrings in openwork pink gold lace produce a graceful movement, accentuated by the sublime sparkle of diamonds (G38U0063). No matter what the occasion, the Piaget Rose lace inspiration sautoir necklace is ever-surprising by offering four different ways to wear it: as a sautoir (long necklace) or standard-length necklace, as a diamond chain or as a double bracelet (G37U9700). These creations embody the moving fragility of the rose confronted by the elements that surround it.
Modern and surprising, the new variations of the Piaget Rose collection illuminate and enchant. The Piaget garden, lush with charm, grace and emotion, is a veritable ode to the rose. An adored and reinvented flower, lovingly cultivated by Piaget to enhance feminine beauty.

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