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The Octa Calendrier is starring in Möbius
For the first time, a movie features an F.P.Journe  watch. The Octa Calendrier is starring
in Möbius, the latest film by Eric Rochant, on the wrist of Gregory Lioubov played by Jean Dujardin.

This new movie with Jean Dujardin, Cécile de Franceand Tim Roth tells the story of Grégory
Lioubov played by Jean Dujardin, an FSB agent, (Russian secret services), who is sent to Monaco
to investigate the activities of a powerful billionaire businessman played by Tim Roth. During the
mission, the services recruits Alice, a gifted finance wizard played by Cécile de France, Suspecting
her betrayal, Grégory Lioubov will break the goldenrule in contacting Alice, his undercover agent.
Arises between them a passion that will inevitably hasten their downfall.

The Octa Calendrier is the third complication to beintegrated within the Octa automatic winding calibre.
A feat signed F.P.Journe Invenit et Fecit integrating in the 5 days automatic calibre, a retrograde annual
calendar while maintaining the dimensions of the mechanism at 30 mm in diameter and 5.7 mm thick,
with an identical main plate for all models within the Octa automatic collection.  Its emblematic dial, with
the silver guilloche hour rand minutes sub dial if  fixed by a screwed steel circle ®, recalls the necessary
research and development necessary to the creation of this unique piece.
The calendar which displays the day and month through two separated windows advances
instantaneously and is self-adjusting for the months of 29, 30 and 31 days. The Octa annual calendar
automatically moves from month to month. It only needs to be advanced manually at the end of
February, three years out of four. For non leap-years, the calendar must be moved from February 28th to
29th by a single turn of the crown and the calendarautomatically moves from February 29th to March 1st.

The automatic winding movement of the Octa Calendrier by F.P.Journe -Invenit et Fecit is manufactured
in 18K rose Gold, like that of all the brand's precision chronometers. It is constructed on the basis of the
exclusive Octa calibre 1300.3, with an identical calibre leaving room to insert all the complications  of the
Octa line. It also features the exclusive off-centre F.P.Journe rotor in 22K red Gold that offers optimal
winding of the watch for an effective power reservewith retrograde indication for over 120 effective
hours when not worn. It winds the movement in only  one direction with an  autoblocant  ball bearing
system  (self-blocking). Every infinitesimal movement of the wrist is thus maximally exploited for an
optimised winding of the watch.

With a total and very limited production of less than 900 pieces per year, the custom of F.P.Journe isto
stop producing an existing calibre when creating a  new model. Therefore, the Quantième Perpétuel
replaces the Octa Calendrier with annual calendar, which will cease production in 2013 thus becoming a
collector's piece.

The Octa Calendrier is starring in Möbius, on the wrist of Gregory Lioubov played by Jean Dujardin.

The Octa Calendrier is starring in Möbius, on the wrist of Gregory Lioubov played by Jean Dujardin.The Octa Calendrier is starring in Möbius, on the wrist of Gregory Lioubov played by Jean Dujardin.

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