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The Luminor 8 Days @PaneraiOfficial

Inspired by the historic case created in the 1950s for the commandos of the Italian Navy, the Luminor reinterprets its proportions in a contemporary style while maintaining all the features which have made this watch an icon in the world of luxury sports watches.

Its unique and imposing shape has a strongly masculine character, reflecting its unequalled strength. Its most striking feature is the lever device protecting the winding crown, the unmistakable signature of Officine Panerai.
Exclusive design

The design of the case and dial of the new Luminor 8 Days is inspired by the details of the models which have made the history of Officine Panerai.

The lever device protecting the crown, the icon of the Florentine watchmaker, protects the winding crown from shocks and inadvertent manipulation while also helping to guarantee its water-resistance even at great depths.

The dial with large bar hour markers and numerals has the characteristic Officine Panerai "sandwich" structure with Super-LumiNova® placed between two superimposed plates, ensuring optimum visibility while recalling the luminous dials of the first Panerai models.
8 days power reserve

By reducing the need to handle the winding crown so often, the long power reserve also contributed to the crown's durability and overall water-resistance.

Officine Panerai is now reviving this tradition with the P.5000 in-house calibre, the new hand-wound movement used in the Luminor Base 8 Days and the Luminor Marina 8 Days, continuing the tradition already revived in 2005 with the launch of the first in-house calibre, the P.2002.
Luminor Marina.
The importance of the small seconds.

In the 1940s the collaboration between Panerai and the Royal Italian Navy grew even closer and it became apparent that the commandos needed an even more functional watch which as well as hour and minute hands had a very visible small seconds dial at 9 o'clock; an essential indication in the case of underwater missions where a difference of a few seconds could be of vital importance for the success of an operation.
The P.5000 calibre

The hand-wound P.5000 calibre, visible through the sapphire glass window in the back, was developed and produced entirely by the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel. It has a diameter of 15 3/4 lignes and is 4.5 mm thick.

The original very sturdy structure recalls that of the original Panerai movements where the movement was firmly contained within two plates which protected it and allowed only a few details to be seen, such as the variable inertia balance wheel which oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations/hour and the intermediate wheel.

The long power reserve is achieved by two spring barrels connected in series, providing a maximum power reserve of 192 hours, that is, 8 days.

Luminor 8 days

    pam00560 Luminor Base
    8 Days Acciaio Ø 44 mm PAM00560
    PAM00561 Luminor Base
    8 Days Acciaio Ø 44 mm PAM00561
    PAM00562 Luminor Base
    8 Days Titanio Ø 44 mm PAM00562
    PAM00510 Luminor Marina
    8 Days Ø 44 mm PAM00510
    PAM00563 Luminor Marina
    8 Days Acciaio Ø 44 mm PAM00563
    PAM00564 Luminor Marina
    8 Days Titanio Ø 44 mm PAM00564
    PAM00511 Luminor Marina
    8 Days Oro Rosso Ø 44 mm PAM00511

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