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the Legacy continues: Legacy Machine No.2
While superficially Legacy Machine No. 2 may look like a traditional round watch, its three-
dimensional architecture offers visual treats on multiple levels. What looks at first glance to
be the main dial is actually the top plate of the movement, which has been finely engraved,
plated (or blued for the platinum model) and then hand-engraved with Legacy Machine
below the differential.

Slightly raised above the surface is the hour-minute sub dial, its fine gold circumference
highlighting the pure white of the stretched lacquer dial, which is created by applying and
heating multiple layers of lacquer, causing them to stretch tightly over the surface of the dial.
The white contrasts superbly with the bright blued 18k gold hands. The hands are slightly
curved to follow the slightly convex surface of the sub dial. To ensure aesthetic purity of
the dial and its traditional Roman numerals, a sophisticated fixation underneath negates the
necessity of visually obtrusive screws.

The planetary differential also sits proud of the surface, supported by a stunning double-
arc mirror-polished bridge inset with three large jewels. The complex differential is the key
element in the double regulator system and raising it just above the movements enables the
mechanism to be better appreciated.

Suspended above both the sub dial and the differential are the two oscillating bespoke
balance wheels. The dual balances feature Breguet overcoils, inset with four fully functional
timing screws. The two balances are mirror images of each other so that they react differently
to different forces. The distance between the balance wheels has been carefully and
deliberately calculated to avoid resonance, as this would negatively interfere with regulation.
Those elegant majestically curved arms suspending the flying balances are sculptural works
of art in themselves. The elongated triangular cut out section could not be created by the
usual method of wire electro erosion, but necessitated the creation of an electrode precisely
shaped to the form of the cut out section.

Maximilian Büsser has had a long affinity with pocket watches of the 18th and 19th centuries.
Virtually all horological complications we see today were not only imagined in that period,
they were developed using just paper and pen (no sophisticated computer programs),
components were produced to extremely high precision using – by today ’s standards –
fairly primitive machines (no electricity) and finely finished, assembled and regulated to an
incredibly high quality that we still strive to match today. Their generous size compared with
modern wristwatches allowed for uncluttered movement architectures with beautifully
shaped bridges and plates.

While MB&F’s futuristic Horological Machines have a firm foundation in the very best of
traditional horology, Büsser wanted to pay homage to that rich tradition by imagining the
type of timepieces he might create if he had been born 100 years earlier, i.e. 1867 instead of
1967. With its two, flying balances, raised planetary differential, historical bridge designs and
classical fine-finishing, LM2 celebrates historical dual regulator watches with flair and passion.

the Legacy continues: Legacy Machine No.2
by the MB&F
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