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The Grande Seconde Deadbeat by @Jaquet_Droz
BASELWORLD 2015 PREVIEW: The Grande Seconde Deadbeat, a new tribute to the Age of EnlightenmentThe Independent Seconds was at its peak in the 18th century.  Jaquet Droz pays tribute to this complication
with this revised version of its iconic model, equipped with a new caliber.

A masterpiece of watchmaking precision, the Independent (or "Deadbeat") Seconds is a very rare complication
created  during  the  Age  of  Enlightenment,  at  a  time  when  Pierre  Jaquet-Droz  was  crisscrossing  Europe  to
present his timepieces at the royal courts of a continent in an intellectual fever. This new technique meant that
the  direct-drive  seconds  hand  no  longer  advanced  in  a  linear  fashion,  but  rather  made  a  small  jump  every
second, giving extremely accurate measurements that were soon to lead to the birth of the chronograph.
Long  forgotten,  this  little  miracle  of  watchmaking  has  now  been  rediscovered  by  Jaquet  Droz,  as  the
watchmaker continues to revisit the great successes of its past to propose new watch models to a select circle
of well-informed watch connoisseurs. By choosing to apply this historical technique to the Grande Seconde,
one of its iconic models, the Brand remains faithful to its true identity: respect for tradition, a keenness to take
on a new challenge, technical virtuosity – and a constant willingness to reinvent itself.

For  this  new  model  the  dial  of  the  Grande  Seconde  has  been  subtly  reworked  by  the  designers  of  brand
known by its twin stars. Off-centered in the historic version, the seconds hand is now placed at the very heart
of  the  dial,  while  the  retrograde  date  indication  occupies  the  space  that  is  traditionally  reserved  for  the
seconds hand in this model. Immediately recognizable yet somehow different,  both  familiar  and  surprising,  this  Grande  Seconde  Deadbeat  watch  fascinates  by  its  hypnotizing succession of "jumping" hands and numerals.
This new timepiece also provides Jaquet Droz with the opportunity to pull off a double technological exploit.
After a first experience with the Grande Seconde Quantième Ivory Enamel watch in 2014, our craftsmen at La
Chaux-de-Fonds have again used a balance-spring made of silicon, a material that is unaffected by magnetic

fields  or  changes  in temperature  and  pressure,  and thus  ensures  exceptionally accurate  timekeeping.  The
need to combine Independent Seconds, Calendar and Hour and Minute functions has led to the creation of a
totally new caliber for which a patent has been applied for.

The mechanical components have been obtained thanks to the Swatch Group's expertise in nanotechnology
processes  (particularly  the  LIGA  process),  which  has  led  to  the  production  of  parts  of  an  extremely  high
standard of precision. Finally, the choice of a  10-toothed cam rather than the 30-toothed variety normally
used for an Independent Seconds function, together with the optimization of the shape of the pallets, combine
to make the Independent Seconds a spectacle that is as aesthetically elegant as it is technically ingenious.
Lovers  of  high  precision  watches  are  sure  to  fall  under  the  spell  of  this  Grande  Seconde  Deadbeat  watch

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