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The #DUELER H/L 33 is a sophisticated SUV
Engineered with low rolling resistance, the DUELER H/L 33 will play a key role in the vehicle’s ability to deliver impressive handling, stability and fuel efficiency.

Widely praised for an extensive line-up of tyres designed for conditions ranging from ordinary roads to challenging mud terrain, the DUELER tyre line from Bridgestone has been selected as original equipment for many of the world’s leading premium-class SUVs. Through efforts to promote adoption as original equipment, Bridgestone will continue to expand the DUELER brand worldwide.

The Lexus NX will hit the European market in October 2014.

Overview of tyres supplied
225/60R18 100H    (Japan, Europe, Australia, China, etc.)
235/55R18 100V    (Japan, Europe, Australia, North America, South Korea, etc.)

Features of tyre supplied
The DUELER H/L 33 is a sophisticated SUV tyre designed to deliver handling stability and fuel efficiency.

Bridgestone-brand DUELER H/L 33 tyres will be original equipment on the new Lexus NX

Features of the Lexus NX
As the first compact crossover SUV from Lexus, the Lexus NX features the luxury and refined styling unique to Lexus. The model lineup consists of the NX200t, which incorporates a new 2.0-liter turbo engine developed by Lexus to achieve both outstanding driving and environmental performance, and the NX300h, with a 2.5-liter hybrid system that offers leading environmental performance within its class.

*Sport utility vehicle (multi-purpose sport vehicle)

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