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The Döttling Integrior #luxury

Döttling safes are representative works of art. With their incomparable design, they adorn any room and make an impressive statement whenever aesthetics are concerned. The latest product from our manufactory, however, shines while hidden  – yet no less brightly. Integrior – the first luxury safe drawer in the world that can be individually integrated!

The starting point for the new development was our customers’ desire for a safe drawer that could be integrated in a completely individual way, as opposed to a free-standing safe – filling a need left unanswered by the market to date. With the Integrior, Döttling has developed an extremely stylish yet secure solution. The Integrior can be easily integrated into any type of furniture, such as a desk, cabinet, or dresser. Only the dimensions of the recess are needed, which are then used to manufacture the safe drawer with a matching outer frame. The drawer front is adapted individually to its environment, so it is not apparent at first glance that a safe is hidden behind it. To this end, a large number of high -quality wood varieties and a selection of the finest leathers are available to choose from.

A specially armored front plate, consisting of the same material as Döttling’s Guardian, ensures maximum security. This inhouse development is made of several components, which can even withstand drills, saws, and sledgehammers. Opening the Integrior is only possible with a high-security transponder chip. So the valuables inside – e.g. watches, which can be placed, if desired, on integrated watch winders – are optimally protected. In addition, the safe drawer can be equipped with a vibration alarm. This registers even the smallest movement before immediately sending a signal to the house alarm system. Döttling not only offers the Integrior as a customized solution. If desired, the new safe drawer can be integrated into a safe – constituting a very special kind of security summit.

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The Döttling Integrior: a world premiere that shines while hidden!

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