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The Döttling Fusion #TheDöttlingFusion

The Döttling Fusion – contrasting in perfect harmonyAt Döttling, uniquely crafted safes are never the exception. And they are all absolutely uncompromising in design and technology. Take the Döttling Fusion, a sensational combination of a state-of-the-art Döttling Liberty and an antique safe from our Legends series. The latter was manufactured in Marseille, France, in 1820. Its notable nail heads are reflected in the Liberty by rivets attached to a cover of the finest calfskin, creating a harmonious optical bridge spanning nearly two centuries.

The front of the Liberty can also be adorned on request with a skull set with Swarovski gems concealing the keypad for code entry. Inside, the Legend houses six watch winders and one drawer. The Döttling Liberty houses eight watch winders and three drawers. And, last but not least, our extravagant, world’s first combination of high-tech safe and highly exclusive antique is also extraordinary when it comes to security: it can be connected to a house alarm system and fulfills the highest security requirements.

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