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The Bridges of Antwerp
theo finds inspiration in the Bridges of AntwerpIt's  no  secret  that  theo  adores  our  hometown  of  Antwerp.  It's  a  lively,  creative  city  where  theo  feels right at home. But let's not lose sight of the fact that Antwerp is also a major world port. A side of the city that's also a source of inspiration. Royers, Nassau and Siberia are three of the bridges that give access  to  the  harbour  not  far  from  the  city  centre.  Bridges  which  have  now  been  immortalised  as  eyewear. The  ‘Antwerp  Bridges’  collection  combines  acetate,  stainless  steel  and  nylor  in  a  unique  way.  The  stainless  steel core  is  enveloped  in  acetate.  The  temples  stay  flexible  thanks  to  the  flex-system  developed  in-house  at  theo  and they flow seamlessly in a single  line. Just like a bridge, these  glasses look heavy on the  top but open and airy  on the bottom. Each model is available in 8  –  fairly subdued  –  colours. But they're 100% unmistakable theo thanks to the abundant use of our own acetate plates. And since bridges come in many varieties, let's take a guided tour. Nassau – the frames A bold model for both men and women. Robust and rectangular.

Nassau – the bridge
The Nassau bridge  is the oldest bridge in the Port of Antwerp, built in 1867. It's a swing bridge  with a 16 m wide berth. The bridge was completely restored in 2004 and these days rarely needs to be  opened. The  bridge  is a protected monument and is only used by cyclists and walkers. The Nassau bridge brings you  to  the  main  entrance  of  the  MAS,  (Museum  Aan  de Stroom),  located  on  'het  Eilandje',  the  waterfront  district  of Antwerp.

Royers – the frames
Royers is a soft, cat-eye model. Upbeat and feminine!

Royers – the bridge
The  Royers  bridge,  named  after  Antwerp's  municipal  engineer  Gustaaf  Royers  (1848-1923),  is  a  combination  rolling bridge and a bascule bridge. The actual bridge also forms the south  sluice  gate.  In  open  position,  it  recesses  into  a  slot  in the  east  quay,  when  closed,  the  slot  is  covered  by  a  bascule bridge.  When  the  sluice  gate  is  opened  (for  ships  to  pass through) this bascule bridge hangs over the sluice gate.

Siberia – the frames
A fairly round model, for those who don't take themselves too seriously.

Siberia – the bridge
Around  1947,  the  original  hydraulic  swing  bridge  was  replaced  by  two  electric  bascule  bridges,  each  with  2  traffic lanes.  The  south  bridge  was  then  demolished  in  1991  and replaced  by  a  drawbridge  in  1997.  During  hot  summer weather, the bascule bridge is temporarily left open, while the drawbridge  section  remains  in  use.  The  old  steel  bridge  construction  expands  too  much  under  high  temperatures,  and no longer fits back into place.

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