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http://basel.watchprosite.com/img/watchprosite/basel/18/scaled/basel_image.3609518.jpgPiaget has won the Jury’s First Prize for the Altiplano 900P, the  world’s  thinnest  mechanical  watch,  voted  “Watch of  the  Year  2014”  by  Montres Passion magazine.  A  year  after  winning  the  same  award  for  the  Altiplano  Date  40mm Automatic, the Maison once again asserts itself as  the undisputed master in the field of ultra-thin watchmaking.

Triumph of a style

At the Watch of the Year ceremony, Piaget was understandably proud and moved – especially in this jubilee year when it is celebrating its 140 th anniversary – to see its expertise in the field of extreme slenderness once again acknowledged as a genuine signature. By thus earning one of the highest industry awards two years in a row for Altiplano watches with movements pushing the
boundaries of the infinitely small, Piaget once again establishes itself as an authentic leader in the
ultra-thin field that it has raised to the rank of a genuine watchmaking complication.

Ultimate record

Watch  of  the  Year  2014,  the  Altiplano  900P  expresses  the  quintessence  of  a  watchmaking adventure  that  is  both  historical  and  human.  It  is  indeed  by  attuning  their  respective  fields  of competence to each other that the two fully integrated Piaget Manufactures in La Côte-aux-Fées and Plan-les-Ouates were able to develop such an ambitious project as the Altiplano 900P in just three years. Neither entirely a movement nor exactly a case, it is in fact both at once thanks to a case-back also serving as a mainplate. This new wayof envisaging the construction of a watch also enabled Piaget to achieve an ultimate slimnessrecord in the field of mechanical watches, at
just 3.65 mm thin.

At  each  stage  in  its  development  and  production,  the  watchmakers,  case  constructors  and
designer had to work in close collaboration, since  every technical choice had an aesthetic impact
and vice versa.

Elegant slenderness

Alongside the technical feat, it is doubtless the elegantly contemporary design of the Altiplano
900P  that  won  over  the  jury  of  the  competition.  Piaget  reveals  the  subtle  mechanism  of  the
timepiece on a dial side picking up the line’s iconic aesthetic design codes. Purity and contrasts
endow the world’s thinnest mechanical watch with a supreme aura of refinement.

The  prize  awarded  by  Montres  Passion represents  a  magnificent  end  to  the  140
th anniversary celebrations  of  a  watchmaker  that  has  consistently  embodied,  ever  since  its  earliest  days,  the values expressed by its founder: “Always do better than necessary”.

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