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SUITEBLANCO introduces novelties specials for YOU #SUITEBLANCO #luxo

Spring Lookbook SUITEBLANCOYouthful, fresh and charming. So is the first lookbook that the Spanish firm uses as the perfect tool to show off a collection which has lots of secrets to unveil.
Among citric fragrances and a warm summer light, SUITEBLANCO introduces novelties that are directly focused on the official entry of springtime.

The lingerie style gains importance and its discovered in midi cut dresses, romantic skirts and smooth tops. Garments made with simplicity and good taste; light see-through fabrics which include lace edgings or lace bands; embroideries, crochet openwork figures or macramé knots; frills and pleats. A group of pure lines that claims for a high level trend. The harmony of these forms goes with a palette of sweet shades which go from off white to pale pink and that blend perfectly in with the skin.

Facing this relaxing and bohemian mixture, another group of looks which bets on volumes and chromatic intensity is introduced. Dresses, crop tops and miniskirts or pleated shorts. Strawberry red, deep sky blue or pure white as the background base. Over these colors, oriental inspired flower prints. In a few words, strength outfits which show personality and enhance the feminine beauty.

Both groups are combined with a renewed collection of cheerful accessories. Shoes, in bright colors and decorated with dies, braids and studs; bet on ballerinas and flat sandals comfort. In the jewellery collection the use of natural stones and flashy beads stands out. They turn earrings, necklaces and rings into special pieces which, despite its discretion, enhance the look.



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