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SUGAR is the very essence of femininity and the time
Fawaz Gruosi presents a new women’s timepiece collection as
homage to beauty and colour. SUGAR is the very essence of femininity,
transforming a watch into a luxurious sweet treat.

The moving gems create a free movement all around the watch
leaving a sparkling cascade of the highest quality of precious stones in white
diamonds, emeralds, orange or blue sapphires.

Precious stones have been at the center of de GRISOGONO’s
creative process since 1993; daring, innovative use of these pieces has been
one of the pioneering traits of the Brand. We see it yet again with this new
collection, four precious gems used to create ten decadent creations breaking
out from the mold and introducing a fresh and avant-garde look.

These new creations appropriately named SUGAR add a little
sweetness to the already notoriously bold and lavish de GRISOGONO pieces. Fawaz
Gruosi’s creativity is in continuous motion and he feels relentlessly inspired
by all that he sees in life. He never ceases to surprise its most loyal
followers and has kept doing so with this collection.

SUGAR combines the artistry of the skilled gem-setters with
the craftsmanship of the Brand’s timepiece designers, the intricate gem-setting
techniques perfectly conceal the mechanical details of the movement. The
coloured mother of pearl render a soft, rich texture as the precious stones
shine with an endless flow. de GRISOGONO reinvents the already iconic marriage
of materials and precious gems, as well as the use of brilliant colours which
distinguishes the de GRISOGONO’s unique style.

"I wanted to design a luxurious watch to express the
exceptional qualities of every woman – femininity, softness, brilliance,
playfulness and elegance.” Fawaz Gruosi

SUGAR expresses the joy of sweet moments and the exquisite
refinement of the art of jewellery timepieces at its best.

 de Grisogono

Press/image de Grisogono
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