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Splinter Works are delighted to exhibit new works at the Unexpected Design
 Splinter Works are delighted to exhibit new works at the Unexpected DesignVentique is delighted to host an exhibition to celebrate innovation and creativity in interior décor.  Showcasing intriguing pieces by artists and designers, they hope to exemplify how we can elevate the experience of everyday life through thought-provoking pieces for the home that challenge and delight. 

Ventique is located in the heart of the Chelsea design district.  Although the exhibition is spread over 450 square meters, it has been designed to be evocative of a luxury home interior, so guests can relate to the works in a home setting, rather than a gallery environment. 

Exquisite rugs by Ventique Crystal Collection sit alongside critically acclaimed designers, Splinter Works, who are bringing their brand new pieces including the levitating lounger, Bodice Rocker, in red leather, the gold leaf and carbon fibre Vessel hammock bathtub and their walnut-veneered Dime drinks cabinet, all coming to London for the first time.

Other highlights include Ornament of alchemy a beautiful collage composition by Rosie Emerson and Mountain by Clare Cutts a print that will change its colour as you pass by it. Both of these pieces will be on display for the first time in this event, courtesy of Smithson Gallery.                          

The BOB System by Paul Kelley will also be featured in the exhibition - made with copper sheet cubes that magnetically connect to each other, BOB allows the user to create endless combinations - and Brass mirror by Kirigram a kirigami-style inspired mirror made with a single metal sheet. 

77 Lots Road
SW10 0RN                                                                                                                             
+44 (0) 20 7349 9876

Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday 9.30 - 5.30     

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